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第2回 電気自動車所有者集会 清川村




Electric Vehicle Owners Meeting 02 KIYOKAWA

EVOM-02 was held at the MICHINO-EKI KIYOKAWA from 6 o'clock to 10 o'clock on May 1, 2017. We gathered in two, one is my new leaf and the other is my old leaf with my friend. I talked to some EV owners, but the opening day was Monday of weekday, and I was refused because the work can not be taken away. People with a day off are already scheduled because they will enjoy a long holiday. Someday I would like to make events more attractive than other trip or work.

Two people put coffee and leisurely car talks under the blue sky. Since my friend worked, I went to work after 8 o'clock, so I spent relaxing alone thereafter.

A white leaf came to charge before 10 o'clock. I tried talking because he was wearing a characteristic wheel. He was very friendly and I have taught various about reef custom. I have exchanged contacts, so I'm hope to see him in the next EVOM.