EV Owners Meeting 04 KIYOKAWA

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EV Owners Meeting 04 KIYOKAWA

Under the sky of raining and stopping, the EVOM 04 began. Since it was raining a little, first We coffee in the rest area of ​​Michino-eki and chatted while eating bread and sweets. After a while the rain stopped and we take a walk in the vicinity. Behind the Michino-eki there was a beautiful stream with clear water flowing. A gentleman was fly fishing. We can not see the fish shadows, but surely there will be Yamame, Iwana, trout and so on. It will be hotter next month, so it might be nice to cool down in the creek. Humidity is high today in July, so the body became muggy just a little walking. Returning to the parking lot and putting out a chair in front of each car, We were relaxed, and as light rain started falling again, We get into the Michino-eki. EVOM 04 was ended promising that next month will come by having a greeting with the person in the village who came to know the face.

The next EVOM is scheduled to start from 6 am on Tuesday, August 1