EV Owners Meeting 05 KIYOKAWA

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EV Owners Meeting 05 KIYOKAWA

EVOM-05 in August was able to be successfully held without rain. It is hot and humid, but there is wind in the morning and it is still easy to spend.

I make a coffee with an electric car battery. I used a new coffee maker from MUJI. This machine can make 3 cups of coffee from beans. Just by setting coffee beans and water on this machine, delicious coffee will be fully automatic.

Although there were some coffee machines from beans before, although the size was big and the design was not cool, the machine of MUJ has good size and design, the price is reasonable. I thik it is BEST BUY top 3 in this year.

Because my LEAF does not have a power plug to AC100V outlet, I used an inverter that converts DC12V to AC100V purchased on amazon. This way to make electric power is no sound, quieter than the gas-generator in the summer festival.

The beans was Tipika seeds from Papua New Guinea. The pace to make coffee can not catch up as the number of people increases, So I will bring ordinary coffee makers in next month.