EV Owners Meeting 07 KIYOKAWA

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電気自動車所有者集会 07 清川



今回のコーヒー豆はTHE MODERN COFFEEのブラジルを用意した。いつものように電気自動車から電源をとって無印良品のコーヒーマシンで豆を挽きお湯を沸かしてコーヒーを淹れた。朝食には参加者が買ってきてくれた海老名SA名物のメロンパンをみんなで食べた。






EV Owners Meeting 07 KIYOKAWA

It is cold in the morning of October. Until recently I had been in T - shirt and half - pants, but this day was very cold, I spent wearing jeans and fleece. Since it was Sunday, there were several families in the parking spent the night at them cars. There was a peaceful atmosphere like the morning of the campground.

We also set up a table and a chair as usual and started the seventh EVOM. The wind was a little strong, but there was no cloud in the sky, the sun slowly lifted his face from the back of the mountain by the rotation of the earth.

This time coffee beans prepared Brazil of THE MODERN COFFEE. As usual electricity was taken from the electric car and the beans were ground with MUJI's good coffee machine and the water was boiled. We ate Meron-Pan Ebina SA.

A couple who was staying in the car in the neighbor was eating breakfast with a cassette stove. And they served us a cabbage miso soup. Homemade miso was mild and it was delicious and tasty. When hearing the story, The couple are traveling the Kanto thirty three KANNNON. We pray for the safety of each other's journey.

To give thanks for the miso soup, we gave a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Then I was pleased that it was the first time in 20 years that delicious coffee with such fragrance was good. It seems that he used coffee as much as he had purchased beans from Brazil in the past. I hope them will be able to come to this EVOM with electric car next time.

Next time will be November 1. I hope there will be participants in the new leaf. I'd like to cook something hot.