EVOM 11 MITO Report

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In the center of Mito city, Ibaraki prefecture, there is a large lake of 3.3 km around SENBAKO. When I was an elementary school student, called the New Year's Day marathon and ran a lap around SENBAKO from the morning of January 1st. When I was a junior high school student, I fished a black bus. In the spring there was a UMEMATSURI in KAIRAKUEN, and in the summer there was a fireworks display. There was a bowling alley and a skate rink near. SENBAKO is one of the scenes of my hometown.

The D51 of SL is placed at the edge of SENBAKO, and anyone can see it at any time. It was a black big thing that I do not know well as a child. When I climb to the driver's seat, the scenery is nice. When I become an adult, I am concerned about the size of the driving wheels and the system of the steam engine. Among them, interest will shift to the historical background as well.

The EVOM in February was held at a parking lot with SL on the banks of such a lake. Although I said that just because I changed the venue just before, the participant was one person, but I was not lonely because I met a swan who greeted me.

I hope a quick charger will be installed in SENBAKO.